Friday, November 9, 2007

Dia's Pseudo Farewell Funtime Party

Dia is going to away for awhile, so she thought that she'd have a get-together with friends. There is something to be said about smaller parties sometimes--a comfort level of sorts among one another that is refreshing...We were so tickled that the gents were in kilts and showing their marvelous tattoos that I fear Edwina, Duchess Eva and I were rather overcome...
There was a good turnout and we all had a fantastic time dancing, joking and even jello wrestling (Take THAT, O'Toole!). I personally could not stop laughing the whole time (Sorry I bit you Mr Offcourse!) and later found myself finding jello in very strange places. Even Sir Tele came out to dance with us... now that is something worth a swoon right there!
I made a rather dramatic exit with Mr Enoch in latest incarnation of the Spiral Lift Flyer. I do love the inventors and mad scientists of Caledon! "I will not end upside-down in the water again, will I?" I inquired before hopping in. "Why no!" he said as we flew over Port Caledon and the waters of Lionsgate. "Although that does seem to happen every time doesn't it? It shouldn't tonight though!"
Famous last words as I ended upside-down in water. It's official...I am Mr Enoch's personal crash tester.

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Diamanda Gustafson said...

I'll comment late on this, but it calls for my newfangled tagline. It ain't a date till you hit 0,0,0!