Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Skeeter's Flight Log: Connolly's Crazies

Some of Connolly's Crazies were gathered at the Aerodrome. Air Chief Biggles was playing a round of En Garde with Miss Pamus "Soapy" Bing as Pilot Officer CronoCloud "Maven" Creegan, Air Chief Phineas "Liftoff" Messmer and I watched. Biggles then went on to demonstrate Mr Denver hax's new bombs...I thought that I would try out my new Frederickson Airships wonderfully steampunky Flight Hawk. This was my longest flight to date! Once I got the controls down, I was in the air for over 15 minutes despite the rolling restarts that were literally taking out Caledon sims to the left and right of me. Quite harrowing, but the Hawk handled well. I do like this one! Now, I just need to learn how to land it...

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