Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tiny Trashtalking Football Fans

I now know that tinies are the biggest trashtalkers in SL. I found out first-hand at the recent football match against the Raglan Shire Tiny Terrors! Here I am sitting with the ref, Mr Awor Blabbermouth...Their cheerleaders were rallying the crowd, and occasionally flashed a little leg to try to distract the "tall-ies"...For all of the trashtalk, they were able to back it up and won the game, score 6-2. I had so much fun Hoooo'ing and playing the bagpipe sound, but I think it was my crazy cheers that were a riot...Elle's Best Trashtalk Cheers:
1. "You might be tiny...You think you're cute...Don't catch the end of a tall boot! GOOOO CALEDON!!!"
2. " ain't got no alibi, you're TINY! Yeahyeah! You're tiny! GOOOO CALEDON!!!"
3. "Clap your hands, stomp your feet, Caledon can not be beat! GOOOO CALEDON!!!"
4. "Strawberry shortcake, banana split, Raglan your team plays like ----!!! GOOOO CALEDON!!!"

It was all in very good fun and they gave it right back ("Kill the tall ones!!!" "That's right, take your bagpipes and MARCH ON HOME!!!")!!
Afterwards I popped through the Paws & Whiskers Pub to say "Congrats" before playing the Caledon bagpipe music and tp'ing to the Salty Mermaid, ha-HA! I love Raglan. Great game, Terrors!

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