Thursday, November 22, 2007

Caledon Morgaine, Pipin' Hot!

Here I am in my plane flying over Morgaine, fresh out of the LL oven! I can not wait to see what this will look like once it is terraformed and the amazing levitating mountain is added!My only problem was that upon hitting the sim crossing, I lost my wonderful plane--which was unfortunately no copy(!!!!) This is a situation that most of us have encountered at some point whether on land, air or sea. I am a designer and merchant myself, so I understand protecting one's work, but please vehicle designers--no copy equals a problem when sim crossings and full parcels make vehicle travel so unpredictable! Mod/Copy or No Mod/Copy is fine as long as it is no transfer! Arrrrgh!!

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Anonymous said...

Have you gone to 0,0 in the sim you were leaving and looked underground? That seems to be a popular destination for things that disappear. My cousin Miss Fussbudget had the experience of the sudden disappearance of a carriage at one point, and it was eventually located in a neighboring sim.