Monday, November 26, 2007

At Cape Messmer

While surveying the land from the bluffs at Cape Messmer in Morgaine, I could finally see the sim map grids and that meters had been set out...I always meet the most interesting folks at the Aerodrome complex! Here is Mr Mezz Lykin, showing us his galvanic portable telephonic communications unit that is run by "cell" batteries. We speculated as to the possibility of it weighing less than 80 lbs and possibly even being handheld one day!
A few young ladies, two from a parallel future, arrived in a Boomslang airship. They wondered if females were allowed to participate in the RCAF and were rather excited to find out that I was a pilot and our Commander is female as well. I told them women figure most prominently in Caledon's society and its military and that they would be most welcome!

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