Sunday, June 17, 2007

Infernal Gobbling Creatures!

The great wild turkey infestation has become ridiculous. I have seen them almost everywhere in Caledon and even ran from them while in tiny ferret form yesterday in Victoria City. When you are a tiny, those turkeys are surprisingly quite large! Mr. Nimbus Rau was doing his best to shoo them while in peacock form, pecking at them and displaying his spectacular tail in an effort to make them go away. His efforts only seemed to make them come closer! He finally turned into a horse and tried to stomp them with his hooves. "I fear that nothing is having an effect," he said to me. "They are unquellable."

I'll admit to tearing through Mayfair (and Cairntagh and on to Victoria City) and kicking up dust on my brand new horse Flashy today. The straightaway called to me and I prayed not to have a run-in with the tram. He is a birthday present to me and what a magnificent spirited steed he is! I slowed down and Flashy trotted through the Moors and around to Tamrannoch, where I found Mr. Sin waving his walking stick at a group of tom turkeys. After mutual commiseration, I told him I had picked up a turkey trap at Miss Discovolante's store in Kittiwick and we somehow ended up talking about the Caledon werewolf and the beast hunters in search of the elusive creature. So I did hear a wolf the other night! He confirmed for me that it had been seen near Mayfair. "Hah! I am not afraid of a werewolf!" I said. Hmm...I do believe I need a rifle or small arm before I talk such brave talk though. He, along with his colleague Mr. Susenko of New Babbage, is creating a talisman to warn Caledon's citizens of the Beast's approach. I did find it a little odd that at one point he said "Now I sound like the beast hunters!" Am I missing something?

If only there was a talisman for these horrid turkeys!!! Someone hand me a butcher's knife. All of Caledon will be eating turkey for days if I have anything to do with it!

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