Sunday, June 17, 2007

Steampunk Expo Fashion Show

I attended the Steampunk Expo's fashion show and had a lovely time. From uniforms to mad scientist lab coats, all of the designers were splendid and there was a good turnout. Major Margulis played a joke on Mr. Sands and I somehow get the feeling Mr. Sands would not normally select that form of headgear. It makes you think twice about going "away," lol.

I had already seen most of the sights there, but hopped into the Jules Verne cannon, which shot me--as well as Mr. Wormser and Lady Lavendar Beaumont--out, upside-down, and over, landing us in a moon-like environment in the water nearby. I can not say that I take too well to being upside-down, but it was tremendously good fun.

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