Friday, June 29, 2007

Of Waistcoats and Waiting!

I had the pleasure of meeting fellow menswear designer Mako Magellan of Kittiwick the other day and he previewed three new suits for me. As I am very new to shopkeeping and maintaining a men's fine clothiers, it is always nice to talk/commiserate with a colleague. Every shopkeeper that I know works very hard.

RL had pulled me away from being able to sit down and buckle down and create and it will happen again tonight, but I do promise that E.Laval Haberdasher will open next week. Two Caledonians are currently wearing my pieces right now if you would like a preview: Mr. HyBosch Otsuzum of Kittiwick and Sir Telemachus Dean of Caledon Cay (who is healing rather nicely, I was told).

Truly a work in progress!

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