Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gone Beast Hunting

I had been horse shopping. Doing jumps at McLean's. Galloping through Eyre on a bright red Tombola demo. I feared Flashy wasn't fast enough for me. I returned to Mayfair to think about it more. Was that a howl I heard? AGAIN? It couldn't be. I soon heard word that the werebeast was in Tamrannoch. I had to see this, so I hopped on Flashy and took off flying down the NE-SE road.
When I got to Victoria City, who should cross directly in front of my path by the Red Room Gallery but the werebeast himself! Yes! Those teeth, those claws! Black, shaggy, with a hair-raising growl, he ran ahead of me. I didn't hesitate and was on its heels. How fast it was! Flashy was at full gallop and it was still ahead! Amazing! It cut over to Primverness and I thought I lost it until I heard the crack of Maj. Margulis firing his rifle. At that point the beast ran towards me and leapt over me! I quickly turned Flashy and was after him again, chasing him all the way to Loch Avie. Flashy nimbly took the uneven crags and paths until I could chase it no more. The creature had disappeared into the night. I patted Flashy, both of us out of breath. How could I have doubted him and what a brave horse!
I turned and Lady Amber and Mr. Book were coming up fast upon me on their horses, soon joined by Mr. Webb and Maj. Margulis, rifle ready. The sun was coming up...and we had lost him. The Caledon Beast is free to roam another night. As someone who often shapeshifts into wolf form myself and counts a wolf as my best friend in SL, I fear it is a changeling and do not think it ought to be shot. I have heard of mysterious herbs from the Orient that may help. Can its curse be cured? However, if it makes to attack me, the next time I shall be armed with my Ordinal Knife Pistol, and ready for it...

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