Friday, June 22, 2007

New Babbage Visit

I wandered over to New Babbage very late in the evening. I realized that I had not been there since long before the opening of the canal district, when the sim was still relatively new-ish. All was quiet as I went in and out of shops and "somehow" acquired a chiming steam clock from Ginsberg's Dept. store. The canals are lovely, and I ended up at Babbage Park, with its statues of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace. I got a little souvenir statue to take home with me. I will sheepishly admit that at one point, I must have stepped into some type of phantomed patch of cobblestone and fell through right into the canal! How embarrassing! I was thankful that I was alone.

At one point, I do believe I was being stalked by a ghoul, its skull head a bit menacing and its body smeared with a touch of blood. I saw it silently skulking about and eyed it warily. At one point it crossed my path on all fours. I saw it turn to look back at me and I put my hand on my knife-pistol concealed within the voluminous folds of my dress. It left me and then let out a howl. It must have been surprised to hear me howl back in response and did not follow me for the rest of my visit, although I saw it looking at me again from up high. First werebeasts, now ghouls? I'm sure that is not a normal occurrence there and attribute it to the lateness of the hour. I very much look forward to returning again and visiting friends there.

Speaking of werebeasts, it seems that the reports of its demise were exaggerated! I will admit that I feel greatly relieved. Miss Tombola reports that Prof. Avalanche has constructed a humane werewolf trap!

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