Monday, June 25, 2007

Many Proper Tinies

You never quite know what you will find at my good friend Miss Mulberry's Forever Tiny shop in Kittiwick. I always have an incredibly fun time with her while there. Last night, a reporter from Second Life Spark magazine came by to do a story and Miss Mulberry contacted as many of her friends as possible for a group shot. Many of us--like me--are wearing her designs. Even as a tiny, high fashion does not elude me and Miss Mulberry's lovely dresses are a "problem" for me. I hurried over in all of my ferret-y splendor, lol:One of her human friends made quite a spectacular entrance. Mr. Tenk & Mr. Magellan could not help but to watch as well...
Look! Other ferrets with me (center) and Miss Mulberry! I'm wearing a dress that she created for me! Our friend to my left is quite the rebel, no?
And Miss Discovolante looked very pretty too, I might add...
Only in Caledon.

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