Friday, July 13, 2007

Not in MY Backyard!

Let us just say that I had quite the new store opening today as, while I was talking to Mr. Magellan, a large metal tentacled orb floated by, casually came up to the doorway and SET MY STORE ON FIRE!!!Mr. Magellan could only watch as I ran out, knife-pistol in hand, like a raving lunatic! "How dare you set my store on fire!" I screamed as they sailed around the back and through my little backyard! I ran right into the militia and other citizens engaging in an epic, full-fledged battle against the alien orbs!!! Quite the Welles-ian nightmare! As I jumped into the fray gunfire erupted all around me--mine included--as we blasted away at them! We Caledonians will not stand to be invaded! The Battle for Mayfair was on!
Airships, elephants, everyone running and taking shots as the orbs swooped by--releasing fire down upon us! "This is for setting my new shop on fire you fiend!" I said, taking all the shots that I could!After things settled down, I heard someone sobbing nearby. It was my neighbor Miss Eugenia Begonia, who had dropped to her knees, grief-stricken. "Uncle Nik," she cried. "They vaporized him." I went into the nearby Wheel & Hub Pub and leaned against the bar, weary. A shot of whisky sounded very good. Very good.

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