Friday, July 13, 2007

It Came from Outer Space!

Kittiwick in flames!Miss Schnabel and Miss Paris were overcome with emotion at the loss of "Camp Cuddles" as Mr. Vollmar looked on in disbelief
Prof. Avalanche tried, but could only watch as the flames leapt higher!

"The trees! They are Caledon's heart!" was the cry as the fires were doused
with much thanks to those with rainmaking abilities!The orb is carefully approached...
I couldn't believe it when I first heard the reports: Kitti was on fire! The blue team's camp ("Camp Cuddles!") destroyed! I might be a member of the press, but I knew I had better be armed just in case! I strapped on both my bow and knife-pistol and headed to Kitti, then Tanglewood. It was then that I saw it--the large gray metal orb, the glowing green "eye", and the tentacles! This is what has been menacing Caledon? An alien species? Militia members of both sides, as well as citizens took up arms to defend their fair lands! The orbs were even downed and the medics tended to the injured. Later, the aliens set upon Eyre and Tamrannoch! The nerve!

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