Saturday, July 7, 2007

Steampunk Salon

The other day, before the unsettling events of last night occurred, my friend Mr. Leon Susenko invited me to join him and Miss Maertens at their pavilion in Eyre just across the stream from Tanglewood.

They are the hosts of the Steampunk Salon. I marveled at their new waterfall and had a nice cup of tea in the presence of Mr. Sin, Mr. Scaggs, Miss Parks, Mr. Vollmar, and his lovely little foal, Miss Babii. There was much discussion of recent Caledon events, Victoriana, and of course, steampunk topics such as the one Mr. Sin posed: "Who has more steam: Sherlock Holmes or Jules Verne?" At one point, and at Mr. Sin's request, we all laughed as little Miss Babii--as a raptor--pounced upon him!

I had a very nice time, chatting and sipping tea among friends and the hummingbirds as Mr. Susenko and Miss Maertens waltzed to the harp music. If you are interested in attending, do contact either of them.

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