Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ironclad Guns and Galloping Runs

"I have a gift from Hotspur?" Sir Tele said to me. " says 'USS Fiskdale?'"

"Sounds like a ship!" I said.

And not just any ship, but an ironclad--much like that of the Merrimac in design--and quite an impressive one with its smoke and cannons and size and...pilot. I watched as Sir Tele steered it around in the waters off Loch Avie. "Fire the cannon Sir!" I yelled. BOOM! There was much smoke and we determined that more ships were needed for a battle. "Can you imagine 4 or 5 of these at once?" he said.

"YES! And what a fantastic battle it would be!" I said.

We then saddled up and raced one another up the North-South road to Mayfair on horseback. I once turned Flashy into a building (blasted lag!) and still wheeled around in time to beat him. Sir Tele said that he gave me a "head start." Hmph, yes, that was it. Can you see me rolling my eyes? Tell yourself whatever helps you to sleep at night.

Do NOT make me have to shoot you in the knees again...


Hotspur O'Toole said...

Indeed, there was a rush to pick up Ironclads early in the week, and now I know many Caledonians-- Col. Somme, Myself, Her Grace Bellambi, Miss Picnic, Admiral Wind, Miss Tombola, Oolon Sputnik and Sir Edward P. now have them, as well as Sir Telemachus.

My personal favorite scenario would be to fight in a riverine or waterladen sim, such as we see at HOLLYWOOD or NANTUCKET. Alas, the last great riverine conflict we fought at Hollywood featured us fighting a fierce ironclad conflict right in the middle of that sim's scheduled regatta race, and I assure you they were NOT amused. It was only with some groveling and head-bobbing that I avoided being banned outright. So, unless Caledon picks up some all-water (or mostly water) sims, soon, our naval maneuvers will have to be with the narrow confines of the Caledonian coastline.

yr humble obedient, etc. etc.

Hotspur O'Toole,
Post-Captain, Imperial Caledon Navy.

Telemachus said...

Miss Laval,

a lovely post which reminds me of a lovely evening. Flashy is a remarkable animal, and you handle him quite skillfully.

/me smiles