Monday, July 9, 2007

A Sunday in Mayfair

Today, instead of my stroll, I attended a tea and fashion show by Sachi Vixen at the House of Three Graces in Mayfair on the Bardhaven estate.

I had a lovely time sitting there with so many of the other ladies of Caledon as Miss Orr, our hostess Lady Bardhaven, and Miss Elytis acted as models and paraded one lovely creation after another. We joked about how Caledon might be faring without us...Her final pieces, were dedicated to the ladies of Caledon and our fair land. "Caledon," a lovely set of three formal dresses in Caledon red, green, and black trimmed in exquisite gold embroidery, were stunning. I had fantastic luck today as I won one!!! I can thank all of the time I spent on the mainland playing typing scramble trivia, as I correctly IMed Miss Vixen with three of her dress design names (I was actually taking notes because I want three or four of them). Of course, you know I chose the red one! I tried it on later and it is a gorgeous dress. You may find her designs at her store, Adam n Eve.

When I stopped through my shop later, I realized I had new neighbors across the tracks--Mr. Barrymore and Miss Magellan. I didn't realize I was still wearing red hair and exploring clothes, which meant I had my pair of steampunk-y goggles on as well--something that didn't escape Miss Magellan's notice. "The goggles," she said. "Those add a different touch." While she did think my waistcoat was "exquisite", my eyebrow may have raised at that comment. Hmm...I suppose so? I do believe that was my intention. Splendid. Now the neighbors must think I am a little odd. Well, they are new to Caledon. "Odd" is what we have plenty of. Just wait until they see me practicing my weapons, LOL. I might have to raise the hedges.


Diamanda Gustafson said...

If you need an aiming practice, I might have something for you ;) Drop me an IM next time you're on.

Eladrienne Laval said...

I most certainly will!