Thursday, March 12, 2009

Policy Won't Have An Effect...

Here is what the managers of my two favorite 19th c./historic-themed sims--Caledon and Steelhead respectively--have to say about the recent policy thoughts from LL:

The Guvnah (via notice):
"I just don't see any changes coming to Caledon over it. We won't be flagging as 'adult' and I don't forsee any changes to anyone's usual activities.

Any goody~two~shoes snooping too closely around personal skyboxes for purposes of being the Morality Police will be reported for harrassment, let alone banned by me for unwarranted search as per our rights declarations."

Miss Tensai Hilra (via her Twitterfeed, which you may follow here):
"I dont see a huge change, our city has always been flagged as adult, and always will be. not smut, adult."

In short, do take a big breath folks.


Diamanda Gustafson said...

My main concern is that: There's nowhere in the covenant that specifically say that people can't be naughty below skybox altitude, and there are indeed individuals that take advantage of that situation.

Would that be an issue, and should it be taken care by the covenant?

Eladrienne Laval said...

Good point! I think it's always been an "understood" thing of no nudity or naughtiness below skybox level, despite the M rating of the sims.

Some folks are like "they don't care" about this, but there's bound to be some blurry distinctions that'll need to be dealt with.

Valentine Janus said...

I expect that responsible estate owners, certainly including those in Caledon and Steelhead, will be reviewing their covenants in light of whatever LL finally put forth as policy. Some things that have been understood will almost certainly need to be clarified. But I don't see wholesale change in the estates under discussion, or indeed in 90+% of the others.