Thursday, March 5, 2009

Undergrid and Over Water at Armada

Jagermeister Szondi opened a new location called Undergrid, Victoria Station. It is a centralized location for all thing steampunk and 19th c.-related, whether it is Victorian era sims, clothing, goods and services. One may find landmarks to visit these locations and merchants all over the grid. Last night, I convinced my friend Newbe Writer to come and place a LM as well. You really should visit his Writer SteamWorks shop in Caledon Steam Sky City. He makes the most beautiful street and wall clocks and other items...
I thought I'd pay a visit as well to the new Armada Breakaway sim. Based upon the works of fantasy writer China Mieville, it is to be a RP community. I love visiting new sims when they first come about as it is always so interesting to see how they develop. I wandered through its passageways and hopped over to its wooden walkways crossing the water. I do so enjoy well-thought out places that I can get lost in...I looked over and saw an impromptu ironclad battle break out...
And looked over the scenery of this floating community. You may also read more about Armada at Dr Fabre's aethernet journal HERE.

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Viv Trafalgar said...

Ms. Laval, what wonderful photos of Armada! We are very glad you found your way through the boats without incident. And I agree, Jagermeister Szondi's Victoria Station is a wonderful service.

Sincerely yours,

Viv Trafalgar,
Armada Breakaway

& Aether Salon of New Babbage