Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy Birthday LordAlbert!

Today was my friend and Regency neighbor LordAlbert Heron's 40th birthday and Lady Edwina thought it should be celebrated in grand style with a Radio Riel party at Carntaigh! Here I am dancing with him in his sailor suit.There was a nice know how much we Caledonians love a good party!
It was great to see my very good friend Offie Mulberry, owner and designer of Forever Tiny. We took a moment to chat and catch up with one another...
Here I am dancing with my favorite dark Victorian Mr. Goodliffe, who brought his raven Ingrid and was dressed in his priest cossack. I'm sure seeing a tiny ferret with a "Dark Victorian" tag is not the norm for a tiny, but I'm not the cutesy type...despite my "cute" appearance. Offie laughed and laughed and agreed when I told her this. I need more tiny black/dark-colored dresses Miss Mulberry!

Happy Birthday LordAlbert!


Violet Schnabel said...

On an unrelated note, Miss Laval, I am currently searching for officers for my Dark Victoria group. Please send me an IM inworld if you would have an interest. :)

Violet Schnabel

Eladrienne Laval said...

I'd love to...we'll talk in-world.