Friday, August 10, 2007

Steelhead Friday Dance: Wild West

Before SL did its wonderful-as-usual crashbang job on me tonight, I managed to make it over to Steelhead to their Wild West-themed dance. That's Sheriff Ortega up front moving to the beat as Quick Draw... Here I am dancing salsa with Mr. Goodliffe. Muy caliente!
I loved the cactus AV in the center there! I "think" it was Miss Picnic?
Afterwards, I went to Miss Skye Qi's to pick up some dresses I had awaiting me as gifts from a special gent and upon tp'ing home became stuck. We are talking in-one-place-turning-in-circles-calling-SL-all-sorts-of-names stuck. Questioning my reasoning for SL existence stuck. Ticked off to no end stuck. I'm not going to even talk about the wonderful grid meltdown later.

It is really really bad off tonight.

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