Thursday, August 9, 2007

Below Fort Caledon

I had just called upon Mr. Margulis at Dragon's Light last night, when a sim region restart began counting down. "Would you care for an adventure?" he asked. "Yes!" I said and followed him to Fort Caledon in Caledon I. An adventure? How could I possibly resist?

At the top of the hill among its ruins, there is an unassuming park. Mr. Margulis said a bit of hocuspocusabracadabra and voila! The statue slid away, exposing an opening, and he hopped right in. I walked to the edge, shrugged and followed, landing below in a wondrous cavernous place, with magic words to tp you, and sights that you should really see for yourself.
He asked me to join him for tea and when I sat down, we were whisked away to another level in the form of an elegant underground mansion! I could not resist the console, pressing at buttons and pulling the levers, looking at projected images about building and such. The Major was dancing on a platform that I had materialized, but I pulled the lever again, dropping him below. Oops? I peered over the edge and he seemed to be alright...still dancing away.
I had a wonderful time. Thank you for trying to cheer me up sir!

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