Friday, August 3, 2007

Bookbinders Ball

Attended the Bookbinders Ball last night, hosted by Her Grace CoyoteAngel Dimsum at Primverness and the librarians of Caledon. We came dressed as favorite literary characters--especially those of 19th c. novels. I came dressed as the spurned, spiteful spinster Miss Havisham of Dickens' Great Expectations, aged wedding dress and all. As I don't walk around with a wedding dress in my inventory and wasn't willing to buy and alter one, I whipped up something very quickly for this.

I will admit to being late, arriving only in the last half hour, as I was quite busy trying to conduct interviews and prepare an article for SLNN. It being a dance card-style ball, I missed dancing with some of my favorite gents. I was also quite lagged, to the point that I missed the Earl of Primbroke's invitation to dance quickly scrolling by and did not see him--in his wonderful cloak, mask, and tricorn costume--standing right in front of me. Quite unfortunate. Another time sir? Things eased up enough for me towards the end to be able to get in a dance with one of my favorite scarecrows, Mr. Margulis.

A delightful evening indeed despite the lag and a crash--which I have come to accept as inevitably unavoidable within our world.

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