Friday, August 17, 2007

A Brownstone in Progress

One of the distinctive things to me about Regency as a whole is its brownstones. I am glad that so many folks have chosen to keep them. I know I kept mine as it seemed perfect for a split shop.

I love to build and retexturing the brownstone has been fun so far. My next-door neighbor Lady Edwina might beg to differ with me on that point and is probably frowning in disagreement. You can see the original look of my brownstone on what is to be the men's haberdasher shop on the right. I've been working on a different look for the left side, which is to be my women's shop. On the roof is a lovely area with a wonderful view where you can dance if you like. We seem to be developing a "rooftop culture" here. It is exciting to see everyone making Regency "home" and creating a new community like this.

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