Saturday, August 4, 2007

Opening Events: Fortune & Exotic Men of Caledon

I thought I'd stop through Jagermeister Szondi's opening of his new restaurant Fortune in Caledon Cay. I would've worn my pirate outfit if I knew. Yarrr! I thought Sir Tele looked rather rogueish in his...After dancing away for a while, I headed over to Miss Autopilot Poppy's gallery in Tamrannoch for the opening of her Exotic Men of Caledon portrait exhibit. All one had to say was "exotic men." Get the smelling salts ready! A lot of my friends are included in the portraits and she really captured them so well!!! very dreamy...And what would a Caledon opening be like without some dancing involved? And lights...and Tartans? Sigh. Definitely Tartans...


Sir Michael L. Foley, 16th Baron of Xternetsa said...

Satyrs in wheelchairs that have ravens on their shoulders all of the time aren't exotic enough?


Telemachus said...

Miss Laval,

your blog is wonderful, and I neglect it as I neglect so many good Caledon blogs...thank you for your kinds words here about my piratey garb. That was much fun.

And thank you for the post about our Cavorite adventure...that was a remarkable time...I believe you were going to show me the wonders of the Highlands? I await the fun, though of course I am busier now in world than out...a strange twist.

Be well,

Sir Tele

Eladrienne Laval said...

Satyrs in wheelchairs with ravens on their shoulders will always be exotic to me!

And Sir Tele, I do know what you mean! Things have been rather crazy for me in-world lately as well! I will be more than happy to give you a tour of the Highlands--one of my favorite places in Caledon.