Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Of Menswear and A Patient Model

The men of Caledon are some of the best dressed in SL and we ladies love them for it.

As primarily a menswear designer, I'll admit that I truly get a kick out of choosing fabrics, creating the final piece, and seeing my pieces being worn and enjoyed. I am always tickled by that and I can't be alone in that feeling. I know that my fellow menswear designers such as Mr. Magellan, Lord Primbroke (Edward Pearse), Mr. Wrangler, Miss Vandeverre, Miss Tombola, and Miss Lightfoot all take great pride in their work. We women have options to spare, but I think the gents are pretty happy about having more options available to them.

For my "Namesake" line of waistcoats (which really are named after my friends), I've tried to match the man to the waistcoat and both to a Caledon location for the ad shot. Tonight, I finally got around to shooting Mr. G. Hax's on his rooftop garden and in the air in Eyre...Usually my shoots are quick and painless and my "models" can attest to that. Tonight was a little different and had some fitting involved. He was very patient (not something that I know him to always be), and only balked at adjusting his cravat once...
We had a lot of fun and you can see the final photo and the "Gryffin" waistcoat in my E.Laval shops. Being a model is hard work, so we danced a waltz to celebrate the shoot's end. A designer's work is never done!

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