Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dark Victorian Dance: Let the Madness Commence!

The stars were right and creatures of the otherworld descended upon Cthulhu (aka Schnabel) Grove for a Lovecraftian Party thrown by the Dark Victoria group. Lord Edward looked positively ghoulish at the turntable as his lovely wraith wife Countess Primbroke, and Her Grace Gabrielle Riel, danced before him...Let the slavering begin! Lady Darkling dared me to touch the glowing Yog-Sothoth Avalanche. I thought better of it, knowing bad things would probably befall me...
Old gods and dark folk and wyrms, oh my!
There were tentacles to spare! Cthulhu O'Toole certainly had enough of them to go around!
He later made an appearance as a Mind Flayer and Miss Yith Begonia swirled dancing with hers. More tentacles, hurray! Tiny Cthulhu Goodliffe was threatening to drag folks away--particularly the ladies...
Was it all just a hallucination?

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