Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dancing the Night Away

Mr. Mako Magellan's grand opening of his menswear shop in Victoria City was today. I stopped by to show my support...and dance a "little". Here I am with Marcell Anatine who looked splendid in this Magellan ensemble. Very "Master and Commander..."Later on that evening, I headed over to the investiture ball for the court of Carntaigh...
I ended up with a full dance card tonight (thank my lucky stars given the notorious ratio here), and twirled about with gents such as Sir Zen, who looked very "fannnnnncy" in his court dress and the sword he was knighted with...
...and Jarl Padenborn, who is quite a wonderful conversationalist.
I stopped through Regency for a moment to find a group on my neighbors Mr. Knight and Miss Greenspan's roof--being flung across the sim in a homemade catapult. I had to excuse myself early as I was preparing to leave for the country, but I must try it sometime!

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