Sunday, August 19, 2007

Busy Caledon Sunday!

It being Sunday, I thought I'd go for my customary stroll, and ended up in the Highlands where I ran into Mr. Webb, who showed me his glowing floating globules... I grabbed a hiking stick and found this hole...where does it lead to? I shall have to return another time and find out! What is it with me and jumping into holes?
Today was the tea and opening of the Marie Curie Mayfair branch of the library and there was a very nice turnout. I think it will make a fine addition to our neighborhood...
Here you can see me, Miss Tammas, Miss Eldritch, the Baron and Baroness Bardhaven, Miss Lightfoot and Mr. Sands. I think we have one of the best library systems in SL. Dame Khygia and Mr. Drinkwater should be very proud of what they're doing for Caledon...
I ended my evening at the Radio Riel GenX with Gabi rave at Carntaigh, where we all had a lot of fun. Don't you love when the dances make us all run into one another like this?

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