Saturday, August 18, 2007

...And Then the Tartans!

After the formal part of the ball, the rave began and the winner of the "Tartan for a Day" auction item got to have their chance to dance with Duchesses and the famous Tartans. Miss Burton, dancing as "Eugene" (complete with fishnet stockings), had no problem getting into formation...Of course, I--and many others--somehow "lost" the majority of their clothing. At one point, I was dancing with Mr. Goodliffe, who was a kilted satyr. How naughty he was! I created a special waistcoat for Her Grace Eva Bellambi--a cropped, more provocative version of the O Caledon perfect for her Tartan dancing. I also created new, special open-front waistcoats for the Tartans, which you can see here on Mr. Margulis and Sir Zen. very dreamy and hot...I am fanning myself and it has nothing to do with the weather....

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