Sunday, May 25, 2008

Caledon RFL Swashbuckler's Auction

Ah, today is was the men's turn, and thanks to generous bidders today's Caledon RFL Swashbuckler's Men's Auction raised over L$287K, which brings Team Caledon back into 3rd place in SL overall with a total raised so far of L$1,350,700!The posters were created by portrait artist Mr Jaksoi Pak. Three of my favorite gents were brave enough to put themselves on the block today: My dear friend Sir Tele, who I actually met at and became good friends with after last year's event...
Talented steampunk inventor and my wonderful building and business partner Kheph...
And Phin, the gent who makes me rather giddy on a regular basis that I actually won my bid on!
Everyone had a good time dancing in their pirate-y best, including Dr Bob Margulies here!

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