Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eight Wonders of Caledon Ceremony

I accompanied Prof. Phin Messmer to the Wonders of Caledon Awards ceremony in Tanglewood, as presided over by Dame Lapin and organized by Mr Denver Hax. Phin was accepting the award of behalf of his sister Zoe Connolly, whose Aerodrome in Penzance was voted the #1 Wonder of Caledon. The Grand Award went to the amazing Steam Sky City. Also awarded honors as a Wonder of Caledon were the following: Mr. Peccable's Botanical House, Mr Hubble's Planetarium in Eyre, Mr & Mrs Mordecai Scaggs' Rakehell airship, Miss Falcon's Falcon Tower in SSC, Miss Gallindo's Gaeity Theatre in Penzance and Miss Trudeau's airship in Caledon I. Congratulations to all of these deserving winners!

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