Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fan Dancing & Dragons

I found myself in Lovelace in search of an elusive Tigris mushroom to make my collection complete. I also found Miss Ellison there as well, and I told her of a lot of the hidden places that I've travelled to in Caledon during my explorations of our fair nation. She told me to visit the sewers again as there is more there now. We were also joined by Mr Despres, who tried his best to distract me with catnip. Nice try sir...Then he tried to distract us both with a provocative fan dance...No such luck.
I had to leave, so I do not know which one (if either) got it. Later that evening, I surprised Mr Goodliffe at his home in Caledon I. I had received a special "Solar Dragon" AV from artist Madcow Cosmos for my RL birthday (it's this Saturday!!) and thought he might like to see it. It is gorgeous, with images of the planets and stars. Do ask me to show you if you see me! I made the mistake of saying Mr Goodliffe's hair made me think of broccoli and I roared. He went in and locked his door and shut his windows. It took much coaxing to convince him I had no intention of making him an appetizer...

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Puck A. Goodliffe said...

Come now, love, I'm worth more than just an appetizer. ;)