Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Lovely Walk Through Boomtown

Between the shop move and the festival and other things, I have been so very busy inworld that I am ashamed to admit that I just got around to really taking a walk through Steelhead Boomtown! I will certainly tell you one thing, that it is just gorgeous to me compared to my own part of town, Harborside. There is more of a cohesiveness of look and it struck me as simply being quite pretty. I have talked about its central meadow before, but I walked around in general today and visited places such as the Gearz Club with its amazing floor with flowing molten metal...I had a look at the dam, which will soon have salmon ladders...
And crossed the bridge over the gorge with the dam in the distance. You should visit it as well and see how pretty it is for yourself!

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