Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary Caledon Tanglewood!

Caledon Tanglewood is the heart of Caledon in a way, with its large trees and majestic forest feel. One of Caledon more "quirky" sims, there is always something special that makes you smile when you visit. Home to Caledon's "woodland creatures", Tanglewood turned one today...Mr & Mrs Mordecai & Kacy Scaggs hosted a party aboard their incredible Rakehell airship that hovers above the forest. The fae, furry and tiny all turned out to dance!
I could not help but wonder...what has happened to all of the tinies of Tangle? Didn't there used to be more? I am very often a tiny, but I don't really see others...
Either way, a knee-high critter such as myself was delighted by the spread, including tiny tea, wine and cake!
And I thought Miss Vandeverre looked lovely...

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