Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here's Your Chance Gents!!!

Those are my eyes looking back at you from Team Caledon's SL Relay for Life Ladies Auction posters and the cover of Caledon's booklet filled with stories of those in our nation affected by cancer. I found that trying to summarize my experiences over this past year for it to be one of the hardest things I've ever written, and I am a writer in RL! This Saturday is the Ladies Auction, a chance for you gents out there to have an uninterrupted, exciting outing with a notable Caledonian woman of your choice, including me! It will be this Saturday, March 22, from 2-5 SLT. You can click one of the main posters inworld to find out who all of us are, so I'll tell you what we could do if you bid on me!

- Have a E.Laval Haberdasher waistcoat named after you. Not only do you get to model it and have it as a gift, but it will be offered as E.Laval's RFL donation item- A Wynx tiny AV of your choice and a chance for a highflying adventure as a passenger with the Royal Caledon Air Force's Screamin' Tinies Squadron Leader herself!
- A spin around the Firth in the infamous "Suicide" Runner boat...
- Dancing, wine and great conversation under the stars in my meadow. If you haven't seen it yet, you won't forget it!I can also give you a tour of some of the "secret" places of Caledon or we could do something else of your choosing!

Last year, I was a member of Caledon's SL Relay for Life team to benefit the American Cancer Society and under the captainship of the now Dame Lapin Paris, Team Caledon raised more than $L 1,000,000. It was a moving experience for me to have been a part of that. This year's goal for Caledon's final total is $L 3,000,000. I am actually formally part of Team Elizabeth Blackwell, under the captainship of the Duke of Murdann, but will be helping Caledon to reach its goal in whatever way is asked of me!

Please remember when you are participating or giving, that it's not about the events, but the people that you can truly help by contributing to research to help end this disease...


Puck A. Goodliffe said...

Whoever wins that is a lucky, lucky man!

Phineas Messmer said...

Mr Goodliffe wrote: "Whoever wins that is a lucky, lucky man!"

Indeed he is!