Monday, March 24, 2008

Of Sims New & Old

I finally made it to Caledon Glengarry, which is a lovely sweet sim...Which made Mr Enoch decide to show me and Dia his marshmallow man, and upon crossing over into Caledon II, Miss Rothschild saw him and mentioned something about sweetness and needing a fork...
Mr Enoch had a bit of a citizen upon citizen griefing incident happen to him that I shall not go more into in here except to say that we were both very angry afterwards given that it was another Caledonian. Upon crossing over into Caledon I right afterwards, we started talking to Puck.
And Puck's wicker man was set afire as Deep One me and tiny CthulhuPuck watched...
After all of that excitement I was glad for coffee, cookies and a leaf chair in Port Caledon with Dia...Never a dull moment if you're with me!

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