Monday, March 10, 2008

O Idiot Griefer...

Do you see the squat man in his underclothes in the corner of my Regency bedroom? He made the huge mistake of freezing Mr Sands and Genie Burton, then as I saw it come up on main chat *gasp* had the audacity to fly up to my 3rd floor, come into my home and cage me before I could respond! Even had the nerve to tell me "hi". I told him he was a rude idiot and had some damn nerve. So, I kept him frozen for about 10 minutes until reinforcements arrived in the form of Dia and Genie...And Genie blasted him alternately with her gun and her djinn magic, saying "We are NICE here in Caledon and you did that to us!!!!" We got rid of him Caledon-style. Ah, I love Caledon, where even we women are armed to the teeth and skilled with our weapons. Hellmut Lockjaw, you sir are now banned, dumbarse!

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Diamanda Gustafson said...

You should have been at the Caledon Chatter later.. Genie described me as "casually lying on your bed, punishing the fucker with great gusto and finesse".

I was at least amused.