Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dancing, Dates, and Delight

I walked down the street from my Regency home to Miss Hirvi's park, where she was debuting Miss Maar Auer's minuet danceballs. They were quite well-done, and it was fun seeing all of us doing this...I'm sure we will be seeing them at future Caledon get-togethers...
After stopping through to congratulate Mr Smashcan on the opening of his new Norseman pub in Cape Wrath, Phin and I then went to the future 1950s-themed Team Caledon RFL Ladies Auction, where he ended up being the big bidder on me! The auction itself raised over $L328,000! Thank you all so much for coming out and participating!
A new friend, in exchange for a kindness of mine, gifted me with this gorgeous Friesian horse. The realistic look of this horse is incredible. I hope she will come out with a sidesaddle version, but it is still a work in progress by the maker and doesn't ride as well as my AKK and Tombolas (yet). But you know what they say about gift horses, so thank you very much sir!

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