Sunday, February 24, 2008

Patina Exhibit Opening Party

There's a lot going of with all of the Anniversary events and general weekend things, but for me the highlight today was the party at the Inkyboy Gallery Regency to celebrate the opening of Gryffin Hax's exhibit Patina. the music was jazz and blues with a New Orleans vibe in keeping with the photography...

I enjoy being the Gallery's curator and helping with the business and publicity aspects of it...that and keeping a certain artiste focused. It was a nice turnout and yes, Miss Connolly is dancing in underwater diving gear having come from a SL Bloggers party in Sailor's Cove... Miss Summer Gildea (below) came straight from the "Rez a Des" Guvnah impersonation contest held a bit earlier. I do believe Mr Volare won and his involved neko catnip (how perfect!). I could not stop laughing as I could only imagine all the faux Guvnahs in one place and I am indeed sorry to have missed it. I see "Des flash mobbing" in our future! He later announced in main Caledon chat that he will not be working on Caledon Independence Day Tuesday. I gasped in shock and reached for my smelling salts...Even the Guvnah needs a day off from time to time, don't you think?

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