Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Caledon's 2nd Anniversary Kicks Off!

Why am I posting so early/late when as a U.S. East Coaster I "should" be asleep? I was too busy having fun as Miss Jun Karoda kicked off the Caledon 2nd Anniversary celebrations with a party at Lord Vid's in Cymru. Des was there grooving, lightstick in hand!She shared anecdotes such as how the rabbit came to be Caledon's symbol (a nickname for Des) and how the infamous Caledon undies she created were promotional items (note the model and they're available at Cymru for $0L today only!). My former carnival court gargoyle Mr Glineux provided particle effects...... and everyone had a great time dancing with the Guv, who really was upholding his "no work" holiday policy! I couldn't help but give him some catnip tea at one point...
Yawn! See you all later!

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