Tuesday, February 5, 2008

About the RCAF Disbanding

I came inworld to find that Miss Connolly has disbanded the RCAF. I don't know if you all know how much we at the Aerodrome and Cape Messmer have been dealing with the comments regarding both. It is something that I have addressed before. My time in the RCAF has been wonderful and it has brought me much happiness to meet inventors and other aviators and the camaraderie among my fellow RCAF colleagues has been a lot of fun. I believed in and still believe in her dream. I don't write letters to the Guvnah, but this time I just felt compelled...

Dear Guvnah,

I'm sure you have heard all about the brouhaha surrounding the RCAF by now...

When Zoe had her dream of creating an airfield for everyone-- not just Caledonians--to share, I believed in her and her vision. So did you.

When she envisioned an air corps, I believed in that too. I had never really flown before, but she inspired me...and a little ferret was soon a squadron leader patrolling Caledon's skies.

When Mr Messmer created Cape Messmer, I believed in his dream too. I worked hard on the project, helping to create a place where folks could learn about the Victorian-era space stories and beliefs that influence us even today.

So the snide remarks, the comments, all of that...about theme or whatever else was hurtful. The RCAF was a group of very nice folks who not only enjoyed each other and what they did, but brought in others from outside of Caledon to share the dream. This is unfortunate and I hope she will reconsider. I don't even know what writing you and telling you would or will accomplish in any way, but I just thought you'd like to know as one of Caledon's dreamers' dreams became a nightmare...

Respectfully Yrs.,
Eladrienne Laval

**A note, 2/6: Zoe has reconsidered. Let's move on and past, shall we?

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Skusting Dagger said...

For if we do not dare to dream there is no point.
And if we do not allow others to dream, then for shame.

Don't know if anybody ever said that. Just say I said it.

(wish this thing had grammar check!)