Saturday, February 2, 2008

Libraries and Exploring Steeltopia

I thought I'd head over to the Radio Riel at Info Island's Literary festival...I really enjoying going through the SL Library...very well-done! There was also a display from our our Caledon Library and it made me wonder about other libraries in SL and the librarian "culture" present here. I shall be finding out more soon and letting you know!
Kheph asked me to join him in the new sim of Steeltopia, where we (along w/Mr Writer), have another shop together. We thought we'd explore the sim and found a mine...
I then posed for the ad for his new jump must try them!
Later I danced with Caledon's head librarian Mr Drinkwater at Lady Amber's Imbolc ball, the ancient celtic celebration of the beginnings of spring. Everyone looked beautiful in their white clothing and I had a chance to ask questions about the libraries. He gifted me with novels from Dickens, one of my favorite authors...

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