Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Can Make a Box Talk! Learning Scripting!

I went to class tonight at Sir Zen's FreeFlow Academy of CodePoetry at SteamSkyCity's Aether Isle tonight. Under the watch of a portrait of one of the first programmers, Lady Ada Lovelace, I settled in on a leather couch next to Eds, and really learned a lot about basic scripting this evening. In the spirit of that esteemed woman, all of my classmates were ladies as well. All I know is that I can build and texture and create clothing very well, but scripting? My skills are abysmal. Knowing that Sir Zen is one of the best scripters out there, why not learn?

I'll admit that I, as well as the others were rather tickled to create basic scripts that made our boxes talk. Of course when I touched Eds' it said my name and that I was rather naughty. I can not quite deny that. The Vicereine stopped through and offered us all encouragement and advice...Some of us stayed on to play EnGarde and Eds finally convinced me to play. I actually had a good time although I barely knew what I was doing. She won the first match and I won the second. Not quite the hack and slash I usually like while fighting at the Grounds, but I had a really good time!

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