Friday, February 1, 2008


I am one! HUZZAH!! I do not know how you all have put up with me this long *laughs*! Eds and Dia did a wonderful job creating a "dancing in the clouds" atmosphere!Duchess Gabi DJ'd, playing music straight from my music library that had everyone dancing and ooo'ing! I was so tickled by that and was also glad to see Mr Webb (in full dragon), as it was his rez day too! It was great having all of my friends come out and celebrate with me!
There is something to be said about being able to breakdance in stiletto heels! Here I am with Mr Goodliffe, about to do a flip and handstand as Duchess Gabi has one of her infamous sandwiches in the background!Of course LL did a region restart towards the end, but it was not a problem at all! We went to Carntaigh and tp'd everyone over in no time at all and the party kept on going! All of my Steelhead neighbors showed up and four hours after it began, the party was still going on strong!
But all great things come to an end, and even the Artist Formerly Known As Mr Sands had to put away their dancing shoes! Thank you everyone for making my rez day so absolutely wonderful!!!!!


Fuzzball Ortega said...

My apologies for not attending. Was in a lot of pain that night. Was also angry at someone during the Steelhead event for being rude.....which has started to become the norm, which makes Steelhead look bad....

Anyway, glad your party was a success.

Gabrielle Riel said...

Happy Rezday My Fellow Swooner!!

It was an honor to play for your party, and I consider myself blessed to have met you during your first year in SL!