Friday, February 8, 2008

Laughter on Parade!

Imagine over 60 persons and multiple high-prim floats trying to make their way through 12 Caledon sims and the reality was a whole lot of crazy fun and laughter! Here the floats and paraders assemble in Tanglewood (counter-clockwise from left: Radio Riel, Admiral Wind's New Toulouse, CIB and the Thadivarian airship)...
The Radio Riel float had a Rio Carnival by way of Gabi's flouncy skirt theme. Spectators lined the streets to watch us all go by! With the lag involved we somehow ended up in bodies of water more than once! Who knew Caledon had so many streams and creeks!
Sim crossings could be particularly challenging too! Duchess Gabi's driving was particularly impressive, when we weren't floating...Here we are in Regency being run over by parade organizer Mr Hassanov's giant elephant!Somehow, hours later, we all made it to Mr Hassanov's place in Tamrannoch, where you can now see many of the floats on display. We all swapped crash and accident horror stories en route, but everyone agreed that they couldn't stop laughing it was so much fun!
There was only one thing to do after all of that! Throw on some Mardi Gras music and party!
Hoooo! It was great having everyone come together for such a fun time!!!

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Skusting Dagger said...

What an undertaking!
A bigger accomplishment by far than when I rode my 236 prim monowheel through twelve Caledonian sims!
Huzzahs all around!