Monday, February 18, 2008

Just Another Night in Regency & SteamSkyCity

Am I sitting on top on my Regency mailbox with a shot of whiskey? Yes.

Is Dia sitting on top of my land's information sign with toast for me for my future hangover? Yes.

Do I feel like talking about why I was sitting on my mailbox downing spirits? No. After I got over my "moment", I went to SSC. Beyond SteamSkyCity, I rarely visit the Southern sims. I realized, for instance, that I've never been to Greystoke or Nova Civis! After hitting my head at the pumping station, I thought I'd explore Aether Isle and found myself at the top of the mooring tower there. What a view! There's SSC...And then Caledon itself spread before me. I have times where I think Caledon's one of the prettiest places on the grid, and this was one of them...

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