Friday, January 11, 2008

Aviatrix Skeeter

Sometimes, you just feel like taking to the air! I decided to create this flying outfit for myself (the goggles are not by me, but everything else is)...I decided to take the Cricket out for a spin...I got all the way around the Firth twice before being taken out in Murdann. My plane was recovered in Vic City. The next time I didn't do half badly either, but the third go, my aeroplane...well, took off from Penzance without me--and somehow ended up on Mr Drinkwater's land in the Highlands! Oh my! So sorry sir!
Once I recovered from my aviation mishap, I went to a flash rave at Carntaigh to debut Radio Riel's newest music presenter, Miss Jun Karoda...Here is Mr Hassanov wearing one of my new metal top hats...It just seemed right for him, no?

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