Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Announcing E.Laval AETHER!

I have always been a bit fond of all things steampunky and often feel more at ease in Babbage's soot and urban grit. I am, after all, a city girl. I noticed that there was a void for pieces that were made for everyday work and doing things like tinkering in one's lab or workshop. I intend to do something about that and have created the E.Laval "AETHER" line. I really do use historical references as inspirations for my pieces and looked at paintings such as this one, "work" by Ford Madox Brown... And Victorian-era photos such as this one of workers at the Witney blanket factory in Oxfordshire, England...
Here are some examples! There are also soft caps available in many colors and a color-changing neck scarf! If you would like to see more, visit the shops on the Aethernet, in Port Babbage and the upcoming ones at Steamworks @ Stephenson's Quarter and Solarya!

1 comment:

Skusting Dagger said...

I thank you for your invitation to the Steamworks club.
Do forgive me for not taking to the dance floor. Once I sat down in that most comfortable chair, I simply could not bring myself to leave it except to wander up to the mezzanine where I found those exquisite Cuban cigars!
And by the way, welcome to New Babbage with your shop! I hope you do well!