Saturday, January 5, 2008

12th Night Wellsian Library Opening

Over 60 of us gathered and danced for hours in Wellsian to celebrate the opening of the latest branch of the Caledon Library! A Twelfth Night/Carnival theme in keeping with the library's exhibit, we all came decked out in finery and masks. The lag unfortunately did not allow everyone to truly rez properly, but it was a swirl of color and excitement as we partied!If anything, we definitely now know that Wellsian is quite a stable sim! King cake was eaten, Mr Writer's absinthe freely flowed and Kings and Queens of Misrule made decrees, all in the loose fun of the evening--some of us more loose than others!
I had a chance to dance with Prof. Messmer in the lovely pavilion nearby. We had decided to come dressed Venetian Carnevale-style...

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Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Fraulein Laval,

As one of the Lords of Misrule (one King, one Time Lord, as it turned out), I also made a decree but since it was neither as immediate nor as... fun... as Queen Darkling's, I'm afraid it went unnoticed or unremembered by most. Ah, well. She's far better at misrule than either of us were. Leave it to the distaff side.


Klaus Wulfenbach