Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Builds in Caledon on Sea & Harborside

I've been busy building lately! I'll take another shot once everything's settled, but today Cap'n Trenton finally dropped my Caledon on Sea build for him for Trenton House (which explains the signs being askew and the front porch off alignment), his Caledon home and nautical shop. We wanted it to have the look of an old Colonial-style house that has been added to over the years by the family. In this case, Trenton House was spared during the Great CoS Pirate Raid of 1783 only due to the feared reputation of his great-grandmother Petunia "Granny Pegleg" Trenton...And here is Laval Point in Harborside at sunset, complete with the finished build that includes a steam lift in the tower section...

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